Discipline over Motivation

By Manuel Egaña We’re constantly being told about the wonders of motivation. People sell whole books on it and create courses and weekend experiences on it. Some of these “gurus” are even multimillionaires and have a lot of influence on the public. However, while I do agree that being motivated is really important to begin... Continue Reading →

On Free Speech

By Manuel Egaña For a while now, I’ve been seeing with great concern how people all over the world have become increasingly intolerant to other people’s opinions. Free speech is one of the fundamental building blocks of a great society. I live in Venezuela, a country with a government that punishes those who don’t mindlessly... Continue Reading →

¿Cómo Invertir en Criptomonedas?

Por Manuel Egaña Últimamente las criptomonedas han dominado las noticias financieras no sólo en Latinoamérica, sino también en el resto del mundo. Sin embargo, este sigue siendo un tema que poca gente maneja. El problema principal siendo que, aunque nadie duda de que este va a ser el futuro, es difícil entender la diferencia entre... Continue Reading →

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